Connect to remote jupyter notebook in Pycharm

By Xiaoou Wang

I love working in Pycharm when it comes to jupyter notebooks because there is extensive support for common IDE features and a fantastic debugger.

However accessing remote jupyter notebook is a headache for newbies and the documentation is rather obscure, thus this tutorial.

First in your remote server, run

jupyter notebook --generate-config

Then use your favorite editor to edit the config file

vim ~/.jupyter/

Uncomment and set the following lines to

c.NotebookApp.ip = ‘*’
c.NotebookApp.port = ‘8888’
c.NotebookApp.open_brower = False

Set a password to avoid entering a token each time.

c.NotebookApp.token = "yourpassword"

Start jupyter notebook on the server

jupyter notebook

In Pycharm, click the triangle of the address bar to configure the server

Be sure to enter http, otherwise you’ll get an error message. See the issue reported here.

That’s it.